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Career track: 
and “on-ramping”

Ascending the corporate ladder or building your own business requires stability, adaptability, mental clarity, and physical and emotional stamina. Add the demands of family and the pressure can seem unbearable – a key reason so many women leave their careers. The key is not to manage stress but to eliminate it while increasing energy, focus and comprehension—all on a daily basis. These benefits begin immediately after TM instruction and continue to grow with daily practice.

On-ramping after personal leave

Women reentering the workplace after maternity leave or a sabbatical can feel like second-class employees. In a study conducted for Pepperdine University, nearly half of Fortune 1000 senior executives reported that women returning to work need two to four years to recoup the losses in salary and position. And 13% think it unlikely that women who off-ramp will ever fully catch up. Transcendental Meditation practice eases the transition back to work by replacing self-doubt with self-confidence, and by enhancing the focus, creativity, conceptual thinking, and faster recovery from stress that are needed to merge at full speed.