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Please note that starting September 2015 we are consolidating our Transcendental Meditation for Women Professionals and TM for Women articles in one blog hosted on Our professionals' site's previous articles will remain on this site's blog page. We hope that you will continue to enjoy all our articles.

Mother in Law: TM and Elder Care

By Lesley Goldman on January 9, 2014 | Permalink

I’m no spring chicken but compared to my mother-in-law who is 99, and barring unwelcome surprises, I’ve got a long way to go. I’ve enjoyed a life virtually free from disease and filled with adventure and productivity. I’ve lived on two continents. I’ve worked as a teacher, attorney’s assistant, retail…

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Raising the Bar: A Better Life for Women Attorneys

By Robin Zabel on January 19, 2014 | Permalink

Last summer I attended the New Mexico Bar Convention in order to earn my annual Continuing Legal Education credits. The convention started off with its usual plenary session.  This year, however, the topic was one that was of special interest to me: “Taking Care of Yourself, Your Practice and Your…

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You Deserve More

By Veronica Butler on January 29, 2014 | Permalink

As a woman you are a giver. You nourish your coworkers, support your friends and family and contribute to your community. But, are you giving enough to your life? Sure, you may eat organically, exercise regularly, read uplifting passages and books. But are you short changing yourself? Are your relationships…

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Creating World Peace from Home

By Janet Hoffman on February 10, 2014 | Permalink

I have a friend and associate who was a soldier in the US Army and saw up close what happens during armed conflict. Whether or not you have had the first-hand experience that she and so many other women—both military and civilian—had, you probably genuinely wish for world peace. But…

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What’s Good for the Goose May Not be Good for the Gander

By Vanessa Vidal on February 20, 2014 | Permalink

Men and women are different. It seems obvious, but apparently it’s not obvious when it comes to medical research, diagnostics and treatment. Aside from the visible anatomical differences, women and men have the same organs—livers, lungs, hearts, etc. For the most part, men and women have been seen by the…

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First Woman President of the USA

By Janet Hoffman on March 3, 2014 | Permalink

Following a precedent in national leadership set by several other western nations, the USA may not be waiting long for its first woman President. Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution states: Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:–“I do solemnly…

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Rain and Renewal

By Jess Ly on March 19, 2014 | Permalink

We just had a bout of rain come to Southern California, and, boy, do we need it. According to the Washington Post, California is experiencing the driest year on record. And farmers who have been subsidized for years now find it difficult to even meet the demands of some crops…

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Self-Empowerment Tool for Women

By Janet Hoffman on April 7, 2014 | Permalink

There may be many advantages available to the lives of women in the United States compared to women’s lifestyles in many foreign nations, but in the USA there continues to be a disparity between men and women when considering quality of life and its relationship to empowerment. From a century…

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Uplifting All the Women of the World

By Lesley Goldman on April 17, 2014 | Permalink

The mission of The Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues of the State Department, headed by Ambassador Catherine M. Russell, seeks to ensure that women’s issues are completely integrated in structuring and conducting U.S. foreign policy. That office promotes stability, peace, and development by empowering women politically, socially, and economically…

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Winning on Wall Street: An Interview with Anita Warner

By Janet Hoffman on May 2, 2014 | Permalink

At the time, I was living in Pennsylvania and my friend recommended it to me. At first I thought it would be difficult because I had tried meditating in a yoga class. But then she said that what she was doing was quite easy and that is how I decided to learn TM. I had been working with special education students and was very tired and drained from work, and when I learned TM and then would come home to meditate after work I found myself completely rejuvenated. I liked it. And I started noticing in my day to day life that I feel better, more alert and balanced—everything that the research on TM states that you’ll experience.

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