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Welcome to TM for Women Professionals in


Welcome to TM for Women in Long Beach, Huntington, Redondo Beach, and Torrance CA

Meet our local director and certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation for Women

Adile Esen learned TM in 1990 in her native country, Turkey, and has been living in the US since 1991. She holds a BA and MA from California State University in Long Beach, and a PhD from the University of Michigan. She served as full-time faculty in the Literature and Writing Program at the fully-accredited Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, which has incorporated the Transcendental Meditation technique into its curriculum. Adile has taught the TM technique in several cities in the US and around the world since 2014. She now resides in Long Beach and is thrilled to teach with Transcendental Meditation for Women, teaching women and girls in Long Beach and in the cities of Orange County and South Bay. You will enjoy Adile's passion for teaching the TM technique and her profound ability to impart the knowledge she holds as a certified teacher when you attend her free introductory presentation on the benefits of TM, its mechanics, and how it uniquely differs from other types of meditation. When you register for the TM course of instruction, you will benefit from Adile’s maturity and expertise as a seasoned teacher.

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Learn why TM is so easy to learn and effortless to practice, How TM is different from other types of meditation, and about the benefits of the TM practice verified by decades of published studies. Adile hosts presentations at 3521 East Broadway in Long Beach every Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon by reservation. Please call (760) 305-2929 or email aesen@tm-women.orgg for further information or to register.

What Adile’s students say:

"I have been practicing the TM technique twice a day for almost four months now and I am very impressed with the results! I've observed improvement in my personal relationships at work and at home. I have more clarity and a more positive outlook for life. My TM teacher, Adile, has been very enthusiastic and resourceful, addressing all my questions promptly in a very professional manner. She has many years of experience practicing and teaching this technique and it shows!" - Sara Richard, Scottsdale AZ

"Adile's knowledge and teaching skills were thorough, and her open heart and mind kept me at ease, allowing me to approach, learn, and enjoy the gifts TM brings. The process from the beginning was so lovely and impactful." - Denise Dahl, Napoleon OH

"I was in a hard place in my life with so much anger, stress, sadness, and anxiety. I was very skeptical of TM but I felt it may just make a difference so why not give it a chance. It was the best decision and the greatest gift I could have given myself to have a healthy mind. Adile Esen, my TM teacher, was very patient, compassionate, responsive and available. Once I learned to meditate properly, it was quite effortless, time would fly by and I found myself in a very calm state. By consistently practicing TM twice a day over the past four years, I no longer have anxiety. TM has given me such clarity and calmness, and things just don't bother me at all like they used to. It truly has been life changing." - Sonya Martin, San Diego CA

Contact Adile at (760) 305-2929 or email

Learning the TM Technique Locally

The TM technique is taught in a seven-step course taught conveniently in Torrance. Learn more about the 7 steps course of instruction.

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