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Dr. Lourdes Garcia Mollinedo - Cardiology

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Dr. Lourdes Garcia Mollinedo


TM restores cellular physiology, awakens the main organizers of the body and ensures order and correct functioning of cells.
The practical implication of this mechanism is to lower arterial pressure, reduce glucose and lipid levels, decrease cardiovascular risks and death from cardiovascular problems.
TM is a cost-effective and cost-saving health intervention with positive economic impact for the individual, for society and for healthcare systems


Dr. Lourdes Garcia Mollinedo graduated as a cardiologist from the Cardiology Hospital of the National Medical Center Siglo XXI in Mexico City. Dr. Garcia has post-graduate degrees in Critical Care of Coronary Patients from University Hospital in Edmonton, Canada and in Cardiovascular Clinical Research from the University of Amarillo, Texas. She has a Master’s in Business Administration and Studies in Strategic Healthcare Planning. Dr. Garcia is an expert in Disease Management, Health Management and Health Economics and has ample experience in Healthcare Strategies in both the private and public sectors.