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Rebecca Beuchert - OBGYN

Statements by Physicans

Dr. Rebecca Beuchert


I have had fifteen years experience as a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist in private practice in Washington, DC. Both personally as a woman, and professionally as a physician, I have found that the reduction of stress and deep relaxation during TM practice benefits all women. This is true for the pregnant woman who is juggling the physical demands of pregnancy, the laboring patient who benefits from the increased stamina and greater cardiovascular efficiency produced by TM practice, the career woman balancing her constant work with family and home demands, or the postmenopausal woman adjusting to her new and everchanging physiology. The scientific research on the TM program is impressive across a broad spectrum of benefits, including overall better health, normalization of blood pressure, and decreased insomnia, all of which contribute to more balanced health and psychology for women. Recommending the TM course has been a valuable adjunct to my private practice.



Rebecca Beuchert, M.D., received her doctorate in medicine from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. She has been board certified in OB/GYN since completing her residency at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC. Until her retirement, Dr. Beuchart maintained a private practice in downtown DC, focusing in obstetrics, gynecological surgery, and full-service primary care for women of all ages.