A webinar featuring Candace Badgett PhD

A webinar featuring Candace Badgett PhD

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Webinar Host Candace Badgett PhD

Candace is  an international trustee of the global organization that offers Transcendental Meditation (TM) to women (www.tmwomen.org).  She has been a teacher of the TM program for 40 years, and has taught meditation worldwide. Candace and her husband pioneered the use of Ayur-Vedic medicine in the West, with their award-winning health clinic and spa, The Raj, in Fairfield, Iowa, www.theraj.com

Candace is an international speaker who has been on the Dr. Oz show, the Oprah show, and speaks regularly on the topics of Ayur-Veda, Vedic Science, a woman’s path to spiritual fulfillment, and the empowerment of women.

As women, relationships are particularly important to us. Once we understand why relationships are such an essential part of our lives, we will have gained an important insight into our essential nature as women.

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