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Jannette Gordon

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Jannette Gordon


Working in an intensely dynamic operations environment is inherently challenging. My daily TM program gives me the clarity of mind to process, in a healthy even manner, the lively business hum that often times surrounds me. I’m able to filter out the ‘noise’ and zoom in on the critical factors needed to consistently make good decisions or judgment calls. I maintain inner stillness even when everyone around me, and the given circumstances, seem to be chaotic.

Since I finished my TM instruction, I find that things get organized by me and for me in an effortless way. For example, there have been instances when I’m working on a project and the step-by-step “how to factor” is clearly not there. And then right on time the answer comes in the form of a phone call or an encounter, or the right talent appears with exactly the skill set needed to help me complete the project. These moments have been met with a smile and humbling gratitude.

My meditation practice also has allowed me to renew and maintain my energy daily, providing the stamina I need to address operational issues at work or personal family matters.

Jannette Gordon is Vice President and Section Manager of Citigroup Global Transaction Services for North America. Currently based in Tampa, Florida, Ms. Gordon previously lived in New York, where she held managerial positions at Citi and with other financial services firms. She has more than 23 years of securities experience. Ms. Gordon has been practicing the TM technique since 1979.