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Jennifer Meyer

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Jennifer Meyer


The team will be waiting for me to lead that big meeting in Houston. Then next week it’s Calgary for the senior leadership presentation. San Francisco is the week after that, with a teaching agenda. But before all of that begins, it’s time for my TM technique.

In the early morning hours, before my brain has gotten caught up in the bustle of business and busy-ness, I dive into that stillness, into that field of all possibilities, to recharge my mental and physical awareness, and most of all, to remember who I am. Being engaged in the business world can be draining and disorienting, but with the TM program as my touchstone, I have flourished with focus and clarity in a crazy environment. At the end of the day, when all the presentations are made and all the decisions settled, I will once again return during TM practice to myself and know that my success is defined not by the handshakes and agreements, but by the quiet stillness that hums in my heart and keeps my spirit singing.



Jennifer Meyer has worked in strategy consulting and executive education for more than 12 years. In her role with a niche consulting firm based out of Palo Alto, CA, she has led strategy teams for fortune 500 companies in oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, power, and more. She also teaches in a professional certificate program in decision-making at Stanford University, and leads executive training for clients across the country. After receiving her Ph.D. from Stanford in operations research and decision analysis, she taught in academia for eight years. She began her practice of the TM technique in 1992 and has seen the power of its positive influence in both her personal and professional life ever since.