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Joanne Hollander

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Joanne Hollander


For me, the simple secret to having a fulfilling day is to be able to set out each morning feeling settled, dynamic and happy. Once this condition is established, everything naturally flows and gets done without effort–the day unfolds like a string of little miracles. This is the benefit I receive daily from Transcendental Meditation practice.

The TM technique rejuvenates and energizes my whole physiology, reduces my stress and leaves me with an ongoing feeling of well-being. The challenges of daily life are always there for me, yet what better way to face them than from a seat of pure personal joy. For me it is all about feeling rested and mentally clear all day long. I wish everyone would learn this technique. I am so grateful to have access to this knowledge that has transformed my life.

The demands are enormous in my business arena: developing food products, managing employees and a factory, and being the public spokesperson for the company. Before I learned to meditate such demands seemed like insurmountable problems, but now they are experienced as exciting and challenging situations. The increased creativity that results from the Transcendental Meditation program makes the difference between struggling with business and enjoying business.

My work therefore has become my play so I really love what I do. My meditation recharges my batteries, keeps me feeling young, healthy, and optimistic. The TM technique genuinely delivers the goods.



Joanne Hollander is founder and President of SoYummi Foods Inc, a maker of soy based desserts sold through out North America. Her foods are designed for children and adults suffering from allergies, lactose intolerance and celiac disease. SoYummi is also popular with consumers who want to improve their eating habits with high quality, healthy, great tasting snacks. SoYummi was the 2003 winner of the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors Grand Prix New Product Award in the Bakery and Dessert category.