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Marnie Abramson

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Marnie Abramson


My work environment is very hectic, and there are a million things that are always going on at any given time. In the past, I found I could get very caught up in that madness. If you have twenty things going on in your head and there’s no way to organize that, it feels very frenetic, and I spent a lot of energy for a very little bit of output.

There were many people within the Tower Companies who had been doing the TM technique for a long time and were very positive about their experiences, so I decided to try it.

What I really needed was a way to come back into myself, quiet my mind a little bit so that I could focus. TM practice settles me down and helps me be more organized. There’s a famous business phrase ‘Work smarter not harder.’ I think that is really what the Transcendental Meditation program has done for me.

I would say that arranging a TM course for your employees is probably the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way of getting more out of your workers than you could ever imagine.



Marnie Abramson is the President of Green Lumens Mid-Atlantic, LLC. Previously she was a principal of The Tower Companies, the largest green real estate developer in the Washington DC area. In 2008, Ms. Abramson received the prestigious Women Who Mean Business award from the Washington Business Journal and was named one of the 35 most influential people under 35 by the DC publication Bisnow Real Estate. With a background in investment banking, a BA in communications, and an MBA in finance, Ms. Abramson focuses specifically on the costs and benefits of green buildings. She is an active public speaker, educating businesses, brokers, government groups, and others about eco-progressive real estate. She participates in local, national, and international expert panels, and has provided public testimony for green building legislation in Maryland and the District of Columbia.