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Pamela Elaine Nichols


I first heard about Transcendental Meditation on the Oprah Winfrey show. As someone who is interested in health and well-being, I found the research on TM’s health benefits intriguing. I listened carefully to the impressive list of benefits including stress relief, reduced hypertension, slowing of the aging process, and increased productivity, creativity and intelligence. I didn’t learn, however, until two years later.

When I learned how to do it, the TM technique led me into a world of calm, peace, and wisdom that I had known had to exist but I’d had no idea where. That place does exist, and it is within me. Every morning and late afternoon as I do TM, my mind becomes quiet. In that quietness, calm, peace and wisdom arise. Often during meditation, I experience deep rest, rest that is deeper than sleeping. My mind is also restful but wakeful at the same time. If I’m late to start my meditation, my mind becomes increasingly foggy and my body tired. My children notice it, especially if I’m getting cranky, and remind me to meditate.

I encourage everyone to learn Transcendental Meditation. If you think, “I can’t sit quietly for 20 minutes twice per day…I’m too busy”, you are not alone–I thought the same. Yet my stressed past necessitated finding a source of deep rest and peacefulness. Your children will experience a calmer mom. TM can help you become not only happier but also more productive at home and at work. Isn’t this what we all want?



Pamela Elaine Nichols is an inspirational speaker and author who facilitates a mother’s bounce-back to happiness and success. A native of Los Angeles, Pamela Elaine has a B.A. in Biology from California State University and a Masters in Health Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. She is also a Certified Six Signa Black Belt, a triathlete, and a mom.